5 Warning signs you should look for a new job

There comes a time in everyone’s career when they ask themselves the inevitable question, ‘Should I look for a new job? Deciding to look for a new job is never easy and can feel like a really huge decision, so you need to be certain that you are making the right one.

January/February can be one of the best time to start looking for a new job, for many reasons. Companies are setting new budgets, reassessing their staffing needs for the year ahead and also because a lot of people’s new goals and new resolutions for the year ahead often involve fresh starts like finding a new job and then those jobs, in turn, need replacing.

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But what are the signs you should look for a new job?

1. You dread going to work

We would all rather be sat on a beach or having a lie in than be sat in the office but you need to somewhat enjoy your job if you’re going to stay there for the foreseeable future.

For five years I worked somewhere that gave me anxiety and I thought that’s how everyone felt about work. That was until I decided to look for a new job and I started working at companies I felt valued by, in jobs I was passionate about. If you don’t enjoy anything about your job now, I guarantee there is one out there somewhere that you will enjoy.

2. There’s no career progression

This isn’t always a necessity for everyone, but for me, I have to know what’s next in my role or a job that changes daily. I don’t like being stagnant. Progression doesn’t necessarily need to mean a promotion. It can mean training, qualifications, added responsibilities, or new projects to gain new skills in.

If these haven’t been made available to you after a considerable amount of time, you could try asking your line manager if there is any development within your company. A good indication of whether this is possible is if any of your colleagues have progressed in recent years. If it isn’t there or it’s not being offered to you and it’s something you want, maybe it is time to start job searching.

3. There’s uncertainty about the companies future

This can look like a new acquisition, poor finance reports, restructures or redundancies in other teams. These aren’t always definite signs your job could soon be in trouble but they often are indicators. You want to work somewhere where you feel comfortable about your future prospects. So why not find a company where you know there is job security.

4. Your needs aren’t being met

Whether that’s salary, benefits, home working or work/life balance. Now is the time to reassess and figure out what it is you want from your career. If your current employment can provide that then maybe look around and see if another company can. Companies are stepping up their game to ensure they retain employees and attract new ones because the recruitment market is so competitive. They are constantly reevaluating how to make the workplace better for their employees.

5. It feels like the right time

When you know you know. If you’ve got everything you can out of the role your in then why not go find your next adventure.

And remember be gracious about leaving but also don’t harbour any guilt in going after what you want.

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