7 of my favourite tv shows of all time

I have watched and rewatched a lot of tv shows over the years. I have fond memories of spending the 6 weeks summer holiday watching Nickelodeon all summer whilst everyone was out playing. TV was and has always been my constant companion and I have found that there are many types of TV shows.

There are the ones you watch in the background and don’t get too heavily invested in, the ones that cause anguish and scream crying that you loved but can never watch again and then there are those that you go back every couple of years because they feel like home and all the characters feel like old friends. This is dedicated to my 7 favourite tv shows to rewatch.

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7 of my favourite tv shows of all time

Buffy The Vampire Slayer

Starting off my very favourite TV show that I am currently rewatching. For me Buffy was a pinnacle part of my early teen years and made a huge impact on me. I’ve rewatched it at least half a dozen times, from first ep to the last, in my life time. Sure some of the references have aged and some of the special effects are questionable but it’s still an iconic series. If you’ve never watched it, sorry why? It follows a teenage girl called Buffy Summers who is pretty regular other than the fact she is a chosen one in a long line of Vampire Slayers and she lives in a pretty ordinary town called Sunnydale which happens to be located on the mouth to hell also known as a hellmouth. So Buffy fights vampires and other demonic creatures along with her good pals, the Scooby gang. Packed with supernatural, ass kicking and great friendships.

Buffy The Vampire Slayer is available on Amazon Prime

30 Rock

A tv show created by and staring Tina Fey which is loosely based at her time as head writer
on Saturday Night Live. It follows the head writer, Liz Lemon of TGS which is a weekly sketch
comedy show. Liz has to deal with egotistical boss Jack Donaghy played by Alec Baldwin and also manage the two crazy stars of the show Tracy Jordan (Tracy Morgan) and Jenna Maroney (Jane Krakowski). It has 7 seasons and although it has a
running plot its one of those shows you can just pick up almost anywhere and it’d be
funny, but I definitely recommend watching from start to finish. Funny, easy watching and doesn’t take itself too seriously.

30 Rock is available on Now TV and Sky boxsets

The OA

Despite it being cancelled after two seasons, The OA is still one of my favourite tv shows ever and I can rewatch over and over. The OA is about a young woman who disappeared 7 years ago returns. As well as her miraculous reappearance they come to realise that Prairie, who was blind when she disappeared can now see. Prairie wont talk to her parents or the FBI about her disappearance but does open up to 5 strangers. I will warn you, it ends on a frustrating cliffhanger and as mentioned has since been cancelled but it is such a beautiful
show I would still recommend it. Heart wrenching, sci-fi, beautiful story telling.

Watch The OA on Netflix

The Killing

I love a good murder detective show and The Killing is definitely the best I have ever seen.
The first two series follows the murder investigation of a young girl by homicide detectives Sarah Linden and Stephen Holder and then there is a subsequent third series which
follows a different case. I feel like I’m an amateur detective sometimes but this series
gave me plot twists, I never saw coming. Murder mystery, beautifully flawed characters with twists and turns.

Watch The Killing on Netflix

The Haunting of Hill House

Anyone who knows me, knows I love horror and I love good stories with well written characters. The Hauling of Hill House is a triple threat and is one of my favourite tv shows that have come out of the last few years. Released in 2018 and l’ve rewatched the first (and currently its only series) 3 times. The series is about the Crain siblings who spent a summer living at Hill House which their parents initially bought to flip after doing some
renovations. Now adults they are forced back together to finally confront the
ghosts of their past. The first time I watched it, I couldn’t watch it in the date
because I was so scared. Once you get past that. A beautiful story about family that will scare the shit out of you.

Watch on Netflix

The Office US

An American mockumentary sitcom based on the original UK one (which I’ve never properly watched, soz) about every day life of an ordinary American office. I was really late to the game with The Office. I had tried to watch it several years ago but couldn’t get into the first episode. Mostly I think that was due to the main character, the regional manager, Michael Scott (played by Steve Carrell). He’s a bit hard to love at first but as the series goes on you warm to him and I feel like although he’s meant to be the more central character you come to really love the other characters and their development over the years. Once I gave it another chance I became obsessed and now its one of my all time favourite tv shows to rewatch. A light hearted American comedy.

The Office US is available on Amazon Prime

Parks and Recreation

Another mockumentary American tv show which centralises around the Park and Recreation department of the small town of Pawnee, Indiana. The show follows the protagonist, Leslie Knope played by Amy Poehler, the deputy director of the Parks and Rec department who is the most positive person in fictional existence and truly believes in the government and good people. This show is really funny and has such a great cast like Chris Pratt, Nick Offerman, Rob Lowe and Aubrey Plaza. Each season has a different feel to it and offers excellent character development. There is a pinnacle plot but its one of those shows that once you’ve watched it you can just watch one at random and still be able to enjoy it. Heart warming, funny, comedy about the government and powerful women.

Parks and Recreation in available on Amazon Prime and Now TV

Stranger Things

Lastly we come to one of my favourite Netflix original tv shows. An American Science Fiction show set in the 80’s in a small town in Indiana. The show follows Joyce Byers (Winona Ryder) who’s 12 year old son, Will, goes missing at the same time a mysterious young girl arrives. Will’s friends befriend the girl, Eleven and look to find out what happened to their friend. A nostalgic sci-fi show with mystery and beautiful friendships.

Stranger Things is available to watch on Netflix

I also have some more recent favourite tv shows/films that I can recommend from things I watched in March.

2 thoughts on “7 of my favourite tv shows of all time

  1. Great list! I love The Office, Parks ad Rec and Stranger Things too! I think my favourite shows fro rewatching are New Girl, Brooklyn 99 and Skam! (also High School Musical The Musical The Series because I watched it three times in two weeks)


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