6 Apps that ever blogger needs

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Over the years I’ve tried so many different apps for blogging. Some free and some I’ve had to pay for. As I’ve been blogging on/off for nearly 6 years and there’s a lot that goes into it rather than writing a post or taking a picture and clicking send. This a comprehensive list of all the apps I use for blogging.


WordPress is a great blogging platform which also comes with a pretty amazing app. I’ve used both Blogger by Google and WordPress and WordPress is by far the easiest to use in terms of its apps and various other tools. The app is amazing for checking stats on the go or editing posts.

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Google Analytics

If you are wanting to keep track of how your blog is doing in terms of traffic, who your audience are, where they are coming from and how long they are staying on each page.

It goes into details that the stats of both Blogger and WordPress cant and it is a must have for blogging. The app for the iPhone/iPad is really good and an easy way to keep track of your statistics. I rarely go on the actual website these days unless it’s to fix an issue.

VSCO cam

This is by far my favourite photo editing app. Lightroom is also good but I just personally prefer the ease of use VSCO cam offers and the different presets on there. Nearly all of the photos used on my blog have been edited in the VSCO cam app.


Planoly is an amazing Instagram scheduling app which also allows you to visualise what your feed will look like. I’m not overly obsessed with having a ‘theme’ but I like an aesthetically pleasing grid. For example, not having loads of selfies in one swoop and a variety of shots with minimal content, next to more busy pictures and a variety of different colours throughout. Planoly helps visualise that and you can also use to schedule posts. I tend to not use the scheduling as much as I like to do my posting organically ensuring I include hashtags and tag brands in pictures.


Buffer is a social media management tool, perfect for scheduling posts on the go. I use this predominantly for twitter and you can schedule up to 10 tweets at one time for free and then there is subscription you can have unlimited tweets ranging from $15-$99 a month.


I’m forever reading an article/ blog post that I think oh that would be interesting to write about. Then realising I don’t have the time to read this fully, promising myself I’ll read it later and then either forgetting or losing the link in amongst the dozens of other tabs I have open. This is why this app is incredible. With Pocket you can save your articles or posts to read later in the app.


Notability is one of my most used apps on my iPad. I have an iPad pro which I’ve had for a few years now and is one most helpful tools to help me blog. It’s essentially a note pad on your iPad but you can customise each page to have different styles of paper. You can also buy an add on which converts your handwriting to text, which I particularly love because I often write out ideas first before typing them up.

You can definitely find ways to blog without it if you are starting out and don’t have the money to splash on a brand new tablet. I use it for organising, my full time job and blogging.

This is the only app on this list you will need to pay for, it’s £8.99 but for the amount of notebooks I’ve saved it has definitely been worth the money.

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4 thoughts on “6 Apps that ever blogger needs

  1. I honestly have to say I have never heard of most of these apps. So I have to thank you for the information. I like the idea of Pocket, and will have to look into it. I just wanted to mention I prefer HitFilm Express for video editing, it has a lot of functionality and the learning curve isn’t too bad. Once again thank you for the info, much appreciated!


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