Sustainable period underwear: My thoughts one year on

I reviewed my first set of period pants this time last year and 12 time-of-the-months later, I wanted to share my honest thoughts and a few of my favourite brands of sustainable underwear I’ve tried since.

I have been officially converted to period pants. Previously my go-to period product of choice was always tampons but I’ve only had to revert to that once in the last year, more on that later.

What I love most is the comfort and hassle free nature of period underwear.

Love Luna full brief in black

The pro’s and con’s of period pants

The Pro’s

  • Super comfortable
  • No leaks (must emphasise my periods are light to medium so can only speak from my experience)
  • Very hygenic
  • The pants come in so many varieties brand dependent (a black lacey absorbent bikini brief is the closest I will come to feeling “sexy” that time of the month)
  • Good for the environment

The cons

  • Not practical for travelling – they require rinsing after use. Which isn’t great when you are sharing facilities. I have had to revert back to tampons if I’m not going to be in my own home and readily near washing facilities
  • Like with anything you want better quality, you will have to spend the ££. But they are extremely durable
  • Not a huge con but you have to ensure you maintain them well by washing correctly, not using fabric conditioners etc.
Ohne bikini brief in Lilac Sky

My favourite sustainable period underwear brands

Since I tried sustainable underwear a year ago, so many other brands have emerged. I initially trialled Modibodi, which I still adore, but have also since tried Ohne* and Love Luna*.


The most expensive of the three (from £27) but their organic fabric is really worth the price if you have the option to splurge. It’s made from plant based and eco-friendly material. Plus they have a buy one, give one policy, where they donate a pair of pants to someone in need for every purchase made. You can also currently get 20% off with discount code: BF2021


Reasonably price (from £14), with good quality fabrics. Have found their sizing can run a little small, so would advise sizing up. They also offer the most variety of styles that I have seen. Hello thongs.

Love Luna*

The most accessible of all the brands, because they stock them in places like Asda and Sainsbury’s. The pricing is also the cheapest (from £9) however the fabric feels a little cheaper than the others. A good starting place if you aren’t so sure they are for you and budget friendly.

Modibodi bikini brief in black

Have you tried period underwear yet?

*previously gifted, no obligation to post and all opinions are my own

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