7 Things you can right now do to make 2022 the best year yet

I love New Years the same reason I love Mondays or the beginning of a new month. I love new beginnings. New opportunities to set goals and too reset and do better than the time period before. These are some of the things I will be doing at the beginning of this new year to make 2022 a great year.

1. Set goals for the year ahead

Whether you call them goals, intentions or resolutions, I love setting new goals every year. It helps with my mental health and gives me something to work towards.

I also love looking back and seeing what I achieved the year before. It’s the perfect time for self reflection.

2. Clear out your wardrobe

Have a good wardrobe clear out. What didn’t you end up wearing last year? What no longer fits or isn’t serving you? Donate what you can or even sell on Vinted or Depop to make way for fabulous new outfits for your year ahead.

3. Clear out your inbox

Whether this is your 20 unopened WhatsApp chat’s ,your 20,000 emails or unanswered text messages. Start afresh and clear everything out for the new year ahead.

Whilst you are there, unsubscribe from anything you don’t need anymore. I recently unsubscribe to loads of fast fashion sites that I rarely shop at anymore and I know this is going to help me resist shopping their and also will mean by emails are less clogged up.

4. Declutter your kitchen

I love a good kitchen clear out. Donate food items to a food bank and get rid of anything that has expired. Give your freezer and fridge a good clean and get ready for the year ahead.

Maybe it’s not your kitchen that needs organising. It could be a spare room that has become a dumping ground for everything that doesn’t have a home yet. Buy some storage boxes, give everything it’s own home and donate whatever you no longer need.

5. Organise your computer

I always have hundreds of files that aren’t properly named and are just cluttering my desktop. Before 2022 begins, I am organising them into their own folders and deleting what I don’t need. I’ve also been backing up all the important things I need.

Why stop at your computer? Organise your phone too and simplify your life in the new year. I’m currently going through the 10,000 selfies and screenshots I have that serve no purpose and take up precious space. Future you will thank you.

6. Cancel subscription services you no longer use

Do you have all of the tv streaming services on the go or that beauty subscription box that you actually don’t get use of. Cancel all the subscriptions you no longer use. I cancelled my music streaming service recently and have been listening to all the records I own instead. It’s great way to save money and actually use the things I already own.

7. Sort out your finances

Often the most daunting task is sorting your finances. Before 2022 begins, be brave and look it straight in the eye and get it sorted. Set up direct debits for all of the important things, have a look where you can budget better. If you have online banking, have a look through your spending of the year with non-judgemental eyes and see how you can better spend your finances for the year ahead.

For me, when Uber eats set me a yearly thank you and the amount of times I have ordered from there, I was seriously disturbed. So, one of my main financial goals is to spend less money eating out and eat at home more.

What are you going to be doing to make way for the new year?

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