7 Things I learned about myself in 2021

Like, 2021, was the year of realising things.

1. Not everything is about me

Other people’s behaviour and actions are in no way a reflection. How someone behaves is a mirror of who they are as a person.

2. Things that are meant to be aren’t forced

The best things in life, come naturally. Of course some things in life require effort and dedication but if it feels forced, it’s probably not meant for you. Things that are meant for me, will flow like water.

3. I’m not always right

Sometimes it’s ok to be wrong. It’s a part of being human and though my inner perfectionist hates it, it’s ok for things not to be right. Sometimes it’s ok to remain quiet or simply say, ‘I don’t have enough information to form an opinion’.

4. I can’t control everything

Also stemming from my perfectionism and my childhood with a lack of stability. I’m slowly learning I can’t control everything and some things you just have to leave up to the universe. When I’m getting stressed out, I write down a list of all the things I’m anxious about, and then cross out the things I can’t control and those things I can control, I do.

5. I’m an extraverted introvert

I truly held my introvert title for many years, but I think a lot of that was me retreating and not owning my shit. Being an introvert doesn’t mean you have to be alone all the time and I actually have grown to love being around people the past year.

6. Not everyone is like me

Not everyone has the same thoughts, experiences or views as me, and that’s completely ok. Sometimes it’s a case of neither is right or wrong, just different.

7. Home is everything to me

I think I’ve always known this but this has never meant more to me this year. I moved back to my favourite city and started living in my beautiful home at the beginning of this year. Moving from a first floor, one bedroomed flat far away from any loved ones, to moving to a two bedroom house with a garden, close by to most of the people I love has truly been transformative for my soul.

I’ve not always lived in places I’ve felt happy and safe and I hope I never take that for granted

What did 2021 make you realise?

One thought on “7 Things I learned about myself in 2021

  1. I’m an extrovert introvert too. I hate people but do a great job of being chatty and friendly when I have too. So much so that many assume I’m more extrovert. Underneath I agonise over whether someone is a friend of not, whether I said the wrong thing and woul always prefer a bar of chocolate in my PJs in front of the TV compared to being in a bar, even with my best friends.


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