ad Wolf and Zephyr jewellery review

Jewellery is very important to me. I like every intricate piece I own, to have a story or meaning behind it. Because of that, the places I buy jewellery from are also very important to me. Enter Wolf and Zephyr, an ethical, sustainable online jewellery boutique.

I love Wolf and Zephyr because everything is designed with the customer in mind. They create gorgeous jewellery that impact’s the wearer’s everyday life. Whether that is empowering, healing or recharging.

Their designs are deeply charged with in spirituality. The pieces are designed with storytelling and magic.

My favourite piece is the two sisters coin necklace. This talisman is known as the goddess coin, embellished with the symbolic image of two powerful women. This necklace embodies strength from the deity of two sisters. This gorgeous piece is not only empowering but also effortlessly beautiful.

Wolf and Zephyr’s stunning jewellery is made from sterling silver, gold vermeil, 14 carat gold and ethically sourced conflict-free gemstones (moonstone, topaz, diamonds and emeralds). The gemstones are all handpicked in India to ensure they perfectly fit each piece. Plus they ensure eco-friendly packaging through-out every process.

Shop their collection here.

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