3 Other word games you have to try if you love Wordle

We are obsessed with the game gripping the globe, Wordle. 

If you didn’t know already, Wordle is a clever daily five-letter word game that is a cross between classic word game Scrabble and Hangman.

It was created by Josh Wardle, a software engineer from New York who created the game for his partner during the pandemic. Since its conception, several other word games have surfaced.

These are three of our favourite word games to try that are like Wordle. 


Created by the team at Qi, the popular BBC game show. Qiktionary offers several similar games to wordle and the benefit is you can play more than one game in a day and use either 4 or 5 letters. It’s free up to a point and then you need to subscribe for £2.99 a month but it’s definitely worth using for the free games and if you are obsessed with puzzles like we are, the £3 is worth the cost.

You can find Qiktionary on the app store.


Imagine Wordle but 4 games simultaneously happening all at once. 

That’s Quordle.

Like Wordle, you guess one five-letter word at a time but there are four games you must complete in 9 attempts. This one is a real brain teaser and becoming our firm favourite alternative to Wordle. 

Play Quordle here


If words aren’t your thing, maybe Geography is. 

Worldle is a geographical guessing game. You have five attempts to guess which country is in the image displayed. Every guess is then measured in a percentage score and you are given hints on how close the country is to your guess in kilometres and direction. 

You can play Worldle here

You can play the original Wordle game here

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