7 Places to search for a new job (that’s not LinkedIn)

The UK job market is fast paced and has an abundance of new career opportunities right now. If you are currently unhappy where you are working or curious about jobs are out there for you, now has never been a better time to start your job search.

Particularly now the financial year has ended, companies will be using new budgets to fill new vacancies and some employers may be looking to jump ship if their salary/bonus reviews haven’t matched up to expectations.

Whilst LinkedIn is a great tool for finding new jobs, it can be a little limited if this is your only method and not every company places their adverts on there. Plus you may be waiting around for recruiters to contact you. It’s a good idea to branch out to several methods to search for your perfect new job. These are seven of the best places to start your job search in 2022

1. Indeed

The job site Indeed is one of the biggest jobs boards, with 63% of all job seekers using Indeed to find their next job opportunity. It’s biggest appeal is it’s quick and easy to use and some vacancies can be applied for on your phone. So it’s accessible for those without PC’s or laptops.

You can even build your own Indeed CV and apply with that, though we would recommend creating your own CV to really stand out from the crowd.

You can also use Reed and Totaljobs which similarly are great job boards for finding roles.

Recruiter tip: Make sure your CV profile is visible so recruiters can contact you and make sure all of your information is up to date, particularly your contact information!

2. Otta

Otta is another job board but Otta is specifically a tech start up job site. It’s great source to find a really niche role that might not be on the usual job boards.

3. Google for Jobs

One of Google’s best features is Google for Jobs which is enhanced search feature that makes searching for jobs, a whole lot easier. It populates job vacancy listings from a whole host of areas and displays them easily for you to be able to apply. Sometimes this feature will have a lot of jobs that are fairly old and no longer available.

4. Company career sites

If you have specific companies in mind you would like to apply for then it would be valuable to search their website first. They may even have a way to sign up to newsletters or job alerts for any new openings.

5. Recruitment Agencies

A recruitment agency is a company that works on behalf of an employer to find them employees to fill their roles. In exchange for filling the role, the employer will pay the agency a fee, usually a percentage of the successful candidates salary. Recruitment agencies can get a bad rep and some candidates favour speaking to directly to a company.

The benefit of using an agency is they can do all the hard work for you in your job search and submit your CV and details to multiple companies on their books. There also are several instances when companies don’t have the capacity to post the vacancies on their own website or the time to be able to source for the role themselves, so they use trusted agencies to do the leg work for them. Agencies can also offer advice on your job search, the market and your CV.

6. Glassdoor

If you’ve never used Glassdoor before, it’s kind of like TripAdvisor for employers. Glassdoor is predominately a company review site, and a tool where you can search reviews and salary information from current and previous employees. It’s also a job board where you can source new roles, whilst also remaining informed about what employees have to say about the company itself.

7. Your own network

Keep connected with old colleagues, chat to friends and family about job openings they may be aware of. Some of the most likely hires are those of referrals.

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